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"As Authentic As It Gets!"



Los Paisas was a dream when our family first thought of the idea of owning and opening a family restaurant. We would joke around that our mother should open an authentic Mexican restaurant because we thought she cooked the best dishes we have ever eaten. But what Mexican family does not think their mother cooks the best food?


It wasn't until we got older that we'd invite friends from school or the neighborhood and they too would think that our mom cooked the best Mexican dishes. This was the wake up call that lead us to believe we had an opportunity to invest as a family and devote ourselves to making delicious food for the public.


It took years to save up enough money and find the right opportunity to invest in a location. The first location was just a hole in the wall meat market and restaurant in one. Even though the location was not the best to expose our mothers cooking, we were still optimistic that the word would get around and our place would be known for its authentic taste.


Sure enough our restaurant was voted #1 in the South Baby by a very popular show on "The Food Network." The Daily Breeze Newspaper also featured us for having the best tacos in town. It is not an exaggeration when we say that our food is "As Authentic As It Gets!"


Soon after came our ground built full family restaurant in Torrance, CA, Los Paisas Mexican Grill. Not to far from the seed that allowed us to grow and expand. We continue to make moves that will allow us to grow more.


We thank all of our supporters that were there then, and now. If you have not visited yet, we invite you to come in and enjoy great tasting food!


Meza Family-


1151 W. Carson st.

Torrance, CA 90502



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